Area of a Regular Hexagon Formula

Hexagon is a six sided figure and its total of internal angles is 720 degree. It has 6 edges and vertices. Hexagon can be formed by combining six equilateral triangles. Area of the hexagon will be based on the side length. Below section of this page provides you the area of a regular hexagon formula which allows you to calculate its area by substituting the side length value of a hexagon. This formula requires side length value which is squared to substitute in it.



A = 3√3 ( a2) / 2


a = Side Length
A = Area

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The above area of a regular hexagon formula on this page is one among the important formulas that are used commonly by school students which will be useful for them to refer during their exams. Also, you can refer the above-given calculator link to find the resultant value in a fraction of seconds.

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