Area of a Segment of a Circle Formula

From the below portion you can see the Area of a Segment of a Circle Formula along with the various formulae like length of segment formula, angle etc.

Length of Segment Formula


α = 2 × cos-1(1 - (h / r))
l = r × α(radians)
s = 2 × √((2 × r × h) - (h × h))
A = (r × l / 2) - ((s) × ( r- h) / 2);


α = Angle
l = Arc length
h = Height
r = Radius
s = Chord length
A = Area

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Segment of Circle: Generally, a circular segment is formed by a circle and one of its chords. Such chord inside the circle divides it into two sectors, which are called the segments of the circle. Such segment possesses various measurements like chord length, arc length, area, and angle.

Length of Segment Formula: By applying the values of angle, radius, height, arc length and chord length in the Area of a Segment of a Circle Formula you can do various calculations on your own. You can also use our simple online calculator which works based on the same Length of Segment Formula to calculate the values of the area of the circular segment with the known values of height and radius.

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