Quadrilateral is any closed geometric figure with four straight sides. Concave and Convex are two types which depends on how the sides of a quadrilateral are connected to one another. It is also known as a Tetragon or Quadrangle. It can be of many types such as square, rectangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus and so on. The Area of a Quadrilateral formula given here is to find the area of Quadrangle. Their diagonals with consecutive sides a, b, c, d are perpendicular if a2+c2=b2+d2.

Area of a Quadrilateral Formula


Area (S) = √[((s-a) x (s-b) x (s-c) x (s-d)) - (a x b x c x d x cos2(θ/2))]

s = (a+b+c+d) /2
θ = θ1 + θ2

The area of a Quadrilateral or Quadrangle formula is based on its consecutive sides where its types of rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid are calculated from its base and height.

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