Area of Segment of Circle Formula

A circular segment can be defined as the sector of 2d space which is bounded by an arc (less than 180° of angle) of a circle and by the chord which connects the endpoints of the arc. The below given is the area of segment of circle formula to calculate the area of circle segment on your own. As per the formula, deduct the value of θ by the value of sinθ and multiply the value by the squared value of radius. Then, divide the resultant value by the integer 2.


A = R² × (θ - sin(θ)) / 2


R = Radius
A = Area of Circle Segment
θ = Central Angle

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In simple, a sector of a circle which is cut from the remaining portion of the circle by a secant or a chord can be said as the circular segment. Just substitute the values in the area of segment of circle formula and do the operations to get the results.

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