Dodecagon Area Formula

The page provides the formula to calculate the area of a dodecagon (12 sided polygon). It has 12 sides and 12 angles. The length of all the sides and angles will remain same for this type of polygon. The dodecagon area formula is based on the side length. To find area, first step is to find the square of the side length and multiply with 3 x (2 +√3) . For instance, if the side length is 5, its square is 25. Now multiplying 25 with 3 x (2 +√3 ), you will get the equivalent result.

Area of a Dodecagon Formula



Area = 3 × S2 × (2 + √3)


s = Side Length

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The word Dodecagon is derived from the Greek term, where dodeca means twelve and gono stands for angle. Your calculation for finding the area of a dodecagon is made simple using this Dodecagon area formula.

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