Antenna Aperture Formula

Efficiency of an antenna at its transmission and reception of radio waves can be measured using Antenna Aperture. Here is the Antenna Aperture formula which helps you to calculate the antenna aperture efficiency on your own. Antenna Aperture Efficiency formula needs values of Electric Current Density, Electric Current Density for 1st element, Wave Length, Radius of Circular Aperture, Distance of the observation point from the Origin, Coordinate Angle 1 and Coordinate Angle 2.

Antenna Aperture Efficiency Formula


Eθ= [ ( j ×k ×a2×E0×e-jkr ) / r ] × Sin φ [ ( J1×k×a×Sinθ) / k×a ×Sinθ]
φ = [ ( j×k×a2×E0×e-jkr ) / r ] ×(Cosθ×Cosφ) [(J1×k×a×Sinθ) / k×a×Sinθ]


k = 2 π / λ
λ = Wave Length
E0 = 8.8541878176 ×10-12F/m (electric constant)
θ = Coordinate Angle 1
φ = Coordinate Angle 2
a = Radius of Circular Aperture
r = Distance of the observation point from the Origin
j = Electric Current Density
J1 = Electric Current Density for 1st element

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Antenna Aperture formula in this page will be efficient one in the industries where signal transmission and reception are done using antennas.

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