Interest Rate Conversion Formula

Use the below mentioned annual to quarterly interest rate formula to convert the loan from one frequency rate to another. With this interest rate conversion formula, you can find the interest difference between two periods. To find quarterly interest rate, add one with annual interest rate and find 1/4th of the obtained value. Subtract one from this value. Multiply the derived value with 4 followed by multiplying the resultant value with 100. This will give the resultant value.

Annual To Quarterly Interest Rate Formula


Quarterly Interest Rate (QIR) = (((1 + a/100)(1/4)-1) × 4)×100


A = Annual Interest Rate

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The interest rate conversion formula is useful for converting and comparing the interest rate difference between two periods. Also, you can navigate to an online calculator given above for ease calculation. You can use this annual to quarterly interest rate formula to compare two or more interest rates having different interest payment frequencies.

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