Angle Subtraction Formula

Use our Degree Minutes Seconds subtraction formula page to find the difference between two angles. To find any angle, first step is to multiply the minute 1 with the constant 0.0166666667. Also multiply the second 1 value with 0.000277778. Sum up the two values and again add the obtained value with Degree 1 to find an angle. Difference between A1 and A2 is the Subtraction of Angle. This angle subtraction formula will help you to find the DMS subtraction without any confusion.

Degree Minutes Seconds Subtraction Formula


A1 = d1 + ( m1 x 0.0166666667 ) + ( s1 x 0.000277778 )
A2 = d2 + ( m2 x 0.0166666667 ) + ( s2 x 0.000277778 )
A = A1 - A2


A1 = Angle 1
d1, d2 = Degree
m1, m2 = Minutes
s1, s2 = Seconds
A2 = Angle 2
A = Difference Between A1 and A2

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Degrees Minutes Seconds Subtraction (DMS) calculation is made easier by using the angle subtraction formula given above. Just substitute the values in the formula to manually find the DMS value for an angle.

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