Angle Addition Formula

The page shows you the simple Degree Minutes Seconds (DMS) addition formula to add two degrees by using DMS addition method. To begin, first find the angle in each degree separately. For instance to find d1, multiply its minutes with 0.0166666667 and also multiply its seconds with 0.000277778, add both the values. Add angle with the resulting value. Follow the same to find the second angle. Sum up the values of both angle to find the addition of two angles using angle addition formula.

DMS Addition Formula


d1 = a + (m x 0.0166666667) + (s x 0.000277778)
d1 = a + (m x 0.0166666667) + (s x 0.000277778)
D = d1 + d2


d1 = Angle in Degree
d2 = Angle in Degree
a = Angle
m = Minutes
s = Seconds
D = Addition of two Angles

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Just substitute the values in the angle addition formula to manually find the degree minutes seconds (DMS) addition value for an angle. As well, you can also navigate to our calculator page to compute the angle addition.

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