Acreage Formula

An acre is a measurement of land area which involves multiplying the length by the width in a standard unit. Given here is an acreage formula to find area of land in acres. This formula is most useful for civil engineers to estimate the values of the agricultural land and also for the construction plans. The formula to find area of land in acres is important for real estate and land transactions, as the price of land is typically dependent on the size of the land, in acres.

Formula to Find Area of Land in Acres


Acreage = ( Length × Width ) / u


u = Total Feet for 1 Acre (43560)

Related Calculator:

You can find the acreage in Acre by using the simple acreage formula which is derived as ( Length x Width ) / U where U = Total Feet for 1 Acre (43560). Also, you can find the calculator link above to find the calculation easily.

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