AC Power Formula

This page shows the online AC Power formula to calculate the AC current in a circuit for the known Power Factor Angle, Voltage, Current, etc. In Direct Current, the electric charge flows in only one direction. Whereas in AC current, Electric charge changes direction periodically. AC current formula needs the values of Power Factor Angle in degrees, voltage, and current in amperes. You can use inputs of different units in this AC voltage formula.

AC Current Formula | AC Voltage Formula


For Single Phase
P = V × I × cos(θ)
V = P / (I × cos(θ)
I = P / (V × cos(θ)

For Three Phase
P = √3 × V × I × cos(θ)
V = P / (3 × I × cos(θ)
I = P / (3 × V × cos(θ)


P = Power
θ = Power Factor Angle
V = Voltage
I = Current

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The above AC power formula requires only basic multiplication operation to perform calculations. AC current formula shows the formulas for both single phase and 3 phase.

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