Six (6) Minute Walk Test Formula

The Six Minute Walk Test (SMWT) is an endurance test to identify weaker patients and elderly people. Here is the six 6 minute walk test formula to calculate the expected 6 minute walk distance for healthy patient and normal percentage. Finding out the normal percentage for 6 Minute walk test depends upon gender, height, weight, age of the person. This useful SMWT formula can be used to diagnose solve your medical problems and academic medical issues.


For Male
d = ((7.57 × h) - (5.02 × a) - (1.76 × w) - 309)
For Female
d=( (2.11 × h) - (5.78 × a) - (2.29 × w) + 667)
p = (c / d × 100)


d = Expected 6 Minute Walk Distance For Healthy Patient(m)
p = Percentage of Normal
h = Height
a = Age
w = Weight
g = Gender (For Male 1,For Female 0)
c = Distance Walked(m)

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Substitute your values of your age, height, weight and the distance walked in this six 6 minute walk test formula to know the result for your inputs. You can also verify your results by navigating to the SMWT calculator by clicking on the calculator option in the top right of the calculator.

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