Biquadratic Equation Formula | Quartic Equation Formula

Use the simple biquadratic equation formula provided below to find the roots of a quartic equation. In the quartic equation, the largest exponent is four that is why it is called as the 4thdegree equation. Quartic is the polynomial which can be solved using any of the methods such as factoring, completing the square, rational root theorem or by using the quartic equation formula. Just substitute the inputs in the fourth degree equation formula and do the demanding operations to get the result.

Fourth Degree Equation Formula

Quartic Equation Formula:

Quartic Equation : ax4 + bx3 + cx2 + dx + e = 0
NOTE : Let p and q be the square root of any 2 non-zero roots.
p = sqrt(y1)
q = sqrt(y3)
r = - g / (8pq)
s = b / (4a)
x1 = p + q + r - s
x2 = p - q - r - s
x3 = -p + q - r - s
x4 = -p - q + r - s

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We have also provided you the simple online calculator equipped with the biquadratic equation formula to verify your manually calculated results. This quartic equation formula requires only basic operations to get your results.

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