Math Ratio Calculator

The ratio is a comparison between two different things. There are different types of ratio some of the types are, Compounded ratio, duplicate ratio, reciprocal ratio. The Math Ratio Calculator is a relationship between two numbers, showing the first number contains the second number. Find the Missing Ratio Calculator, compares the value of two ratio. The Missing Ratio Calculator find the missing values in any of the ratio, if all the three values are entered.

Find the Missing Ratio Calculator

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A man sells 4 pencils for $2, find how much would cost for 8 pencils using the math ratio.


Enter the values in ratio format.
8 : x = 4 :2
change the ratio format to division format
8/x = 4/2
8/x = 2/1
cross multiply the values
2x = 8
x = 4
hence the 8 pencils would cost 4$

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