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The sale and discount math calculator aids to solve the final price of an item when given a discount price percentage. The shopping discount calculator aids in managing money and identify the total amount of savings for the shopping. Use our online shopping calculator to find the sales price, percent off and original price just by selecting on what you want to find. Select the type of currency and fill the other fields to get the required output.

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Percent Off = ( 1 - ( Sales Price / Original Price ) ) × 100 Sales Price = Original Price × (1 - Percent Off / 100 ) Original Price = Sales Price / ( 1 - Percent Off / 100 )


If a toy's original price is 500Rupess and it has an discount of 15%. Find its Sale price?


Sales Price = 500 × (1 - 15 / 100 )
= 425 Rupees

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