7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for PBOR's of Navy

This table shows the 7th Pay Commission pay scale for the PBOR's of the Naval force. PBOR's are personnel's below Officer Rate. Individuals holding the positions of Apprentice, Artificer – V, Artificer – IV, Artificer III – I**, Chief Artificer, Seaman II / I, Leading Seaman, Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer in the Navy are categorized as X and Y group. X group PBOR's will receive an additional of X-group pay along with military service pay.

Navy (X-Group)
PostPay BandGrade PayMilitary Service Pay#X Group Pay *
Artificer – V5200-20200240020001400
Artificer – IV5200-20200280020001400
Artificer III – I**9300-34800340020001400
Chief Artificer9300-34800420020001400
MCPO – II9300-34800460020001400
MCPO – I9300-34800480020001400
Navy (Y-Group)
PostPay BandGrade PayMilitary Service Pay#
Seaman II / I5200-2020020002000
Leading Seaman5200-2020024002000
Petty Officer5200-2020028002000
Chief Petty Officer9300-3480042002000
MCPO – II9300-3480046002000
MCPO – I9300-3480048002000

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