OROP Table for Pre 1-6-1953 Discharged State Force Personnel

Here is the OROP table for Pre 01-06-1953 Discharged Personnel (Erstwhile State Forces Personnel). OROP (One Rank One Pension) refers to the same pension for same rank for same length of service, irrespective of the date of retirement for the Indian National Army / Military. The below table displays the rate of service pension under the OROP scheme for Erstwhile State Forces Personnel (Erstwhile State Forces Personnel). Click on the ranks to navigate to respective calculator pages to calculate the OROP pension and arrear for the particular rank based on the existing pension pay.

One Rank One Time Erstwhile State Forces Personnel Chart

Rank Including Rankings Pension Amount
Sowar, Sepoys Including rankings as such Farriers of Royal and Indian Artillery and Indian and British cavaly, 3rd Grade clerks enrolled and Attesed as Combatants0
Lance defadars, Naiks Including rankings as such Trumpeters of Indian Cavatry, 2nd Grade Clerks enrolled and attested as Combatants7170
Dafadars, Havildars Including rankings as such Drum, Trumpet, Fife and Bugle Majors, Farrier Dafadars of Indian cavalry, 1st Grade clerks enrolled and Attested as Combatants7795
Jemadars & Head clerks 9429
Risaldars and Subedars 11859
Risaldar Majors Subedar Major Risaldar, Subedars12757

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