7th Pay Commission Island Special Duty Allowance Table

Find here the 7th Pay Commission Island special duty allowance table. The Island Special Duty Allowance, abbreviated as ISDA is rationalized by a factor of 0.8. Island Special Duty Allowance (ISDA) is granted to Central Government employees on their posting to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep. Below given the existing structure of the ISDA allowance as per 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale. There are demands to increase the rate of ISDA.

Areas Rates
Areas around capital towns (Port Blair in A&N islands, Kavaratti and Agatti in Lakshadweep) 12.5% of Basic Pay
Difficult Areas (North and Middle Adaman, South Andaman excluding Port Blair, entire Lakshadweep except Kavaratii, Agatti and Minicoy) 20% of Basic Pay
More Difficult Areas (Little Andaman, Nicobar group of Islands, Narcondum Islands, East Islands and Minicoy) 25% of Basic Pay

The above table describes the ISDA based on the 7pay commission report. Island Special Duty Allowance is given to the civilian employees considering the risk and hardship of their work area. Based on the area, the percentage of the allowance varies.

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