Fuel Tax Credit Calculator Australia

Fuel tax credits provides businesses with a credit for the fuel tax which is included in the price of fuel used in machinery and transportation. It is used to find how much tax credit your business can earn. Fuel tax credit varies for different fuel and vehicle types. Use this simple Australian Fuel Tax Credit calculator to find the tax in the Australian Taxation Policy based on the Business Usage Purpose, Fuel Type, Vehicle Type, Total Fuel Used and Rate Per Liter.

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Fuel Tax Credit = (Total Fuel Used x Rate per Liter x Vehicle Type) / 100


A business uses a heavy vehicle which runs on diesel and is less than or equal to 4.5 tonnes GVM. Total fuel used for the business purpose is 1000 and rate of diesel per lite is 13.36.
Fuel Tax Credit = (1000 x 13.36 x 1) / 100
= 133.6

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