Capital Gains Yield Calculator

The capital gains yield is the rise in the stock price divided by the original price of the security for common stock holdings. Calculate expected capital gains yield value using the below calculator as it is important in figuring the change in an investment’s value. Just select the currency and enter the final stock price and initial stock price in this capital gains yield calculator to the return on a stock based solely on the appreciation of the stock.

Calculate Expected Capital Gains Yield

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Capital Gains Yield = (( I1 - I0 ) / I0 ) × 100 Where, I1 = Stock Price After 1st Period I0 = Initial Stock Price


An investor bought one share of stock in ABC Corporation for $100. Two years later, the stock has climbed to $120. Find expected capital gains yield percentage?


Capital Gains Yield = (( 120 - 100 ) / 100 ) × 100
= 20%

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