7th Pay Commission Salary, Pay Scale, Pay Band for ITBP

Indo-Tibetan Border Police was raised on 24 October 1962. It is one among the five Central Armed Police Forces of India. They are deployed on covering the 3488 km of Indo-China Border. Most of the ITBP officers are professionally trained mountaineers and skiers, involving in numerous rescue and relief operations. Central government has framed a new pay scale structure as devised by the 7th pay commission. Use this online calculator to find the new salary and allowances for ITBP officers.

Individuals holding the positions of Apprentice, Artificer – V, Artificer – IV, Artificer III – I, Chief Artificer, MCPO-II and MCPO-I belongs to category of X group. The salary pay scale for these personnels provides an X group pay in addition with the military service pay as per 7th pay commission (CPC)

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