7th Pay Commission 2016 Salary Calculator

An online calculator to calculate the revised basic pay, HRA and TA as per the Seventh CPC recommendations. The 7th Pay Commission 2016 Salary Calculator is built to find the pay scale for all the pay band sectors from PB-1 to PB-4 and from HAG to apex scale. In the below calculator, enter your current basic pay, select your respective pay band and grade pay, HRA, TA and click calculate to know the new and revised pay as per the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

Seventh (7th) Pay Commission 2016 Salary (Pay Scale) Calculation

Choose Pay Band / 6th / 7th Grade Pay

This Seventh/7th Pay Commission 2016 Salary calculator calculates your basic and gross pay based on the new pay scale structure that is announced by the Pay Commission. This new Pay Scale is termed as 'Pay Matrix'.

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