7th Pay Commission Salary, Pay Scale, Pay Band for CISF

The CISF is the abbreviation for Central Industrial Security Force, a part of the armed forces of India. It is governed and controlled by the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs. The CISF provides security cover to more than 300 industrial units such as atomic power plants, oil fields and refineries, major ports, steel plants, fertilliser units, airports and hydroelectric/thermal power plants, and other industrial plants which are owned and controlled by the Central Government of India.

Individuals holding the positions of Apprentice, Artificer – V, Artificer – IV, Artificer III – I, Chief Artificer, MCPO-II and MCPO-I belongs to category of X group. The salary pay scale for these personnels provides an X group pay in addition with the military service pay as per 7th pay commission (CPC)

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