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You Say "A Set Of Integers Is Said To Be Coprime If All The Numbers Share One And Only Common Factor 1." The Factors Of 5 Are 1 And 5. The Factors Of 0 Are Infinite And Include 1 And 5. But The Calculator Comes Up As "Coprimes" When I Input 0,5. Am I Right In Saying 0 And 5 Are Not Coprimes? - Math Discussion

You say "A set of integers is said to be coprime if all the numbers share one and only common factor 1." The factors of 5 are 1 and 5. The factors of 0 are infinite and include 1 and 5. But the calculator comes up as "Coprimes" when I input 0,5. Am I right in saying 0 and 5 are not coprimes?

2018-07-19 15:18:42

0 Answers

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