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When It's Offered The Dollar Menu, The Mean Amount Spent On A Drive-through Order At A Local Fast-food Restaurant Was $7.87. On A Trial Basis, The Restaurant Reduces The Number Of Items On Its Dollar Menu, Hoping That Drive-through Spending Increases. To Test Its Belief, A Random Sample Of 320 Drive-through Orders Were Selected And The Mean Amount Spent On These 320 Orders Was $8.60, With A Standard Deviation Of $3.42. - Math Discussion

When it's offered the Dollar menu, the mean amount spent on a drive-through order at a local fast-food restaurant was $7.87. On a trial basis, the restaurant reduces the number of items on its Dollar Menu, hoping that drive-through spending increases. To test its belief, a random sample of 320 drive-through orders were selected and the mean amount spent on these 320 orders was $8.60, with a standard deviation of $3.42.

2017-10-27 15:37:58

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