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Two People, A And B, Are Dragging A Sled On A Horizontal, Icy Surface With Two Light Ropes. Person A Applies A Force Of 65.0N [30.0deg] On One Rope. Person B Applies A Force Of 70.0N [300 Deg] On The Other Rope. The Force Of Friction On The Sled Is Negligible And The Ropes Are Parallel To The Icy Surface. Calculate The Net Force On The Sled. - Math Discussion

Two people, A and B, are dragging a sled on a horizontal, icy surface with two light ropes. Person A applies a force of 65.0N [30.0deg] on one rope. Person B applies a force of 70.0N [300 deg] on the other rope. The force of friction on the sled is negligible and the ropes are parallel to the icy surface. Calculate the net force on the sled.

2018-03-09 15:16:42

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