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Three Boys Kofi, Kwame And Osei, Pack Biscuit In A Factory. From The Batch Allotted To Them Kofi Packs 55%, Kwame 30% And Osei 15%. The Probability That Kofi Breaks Some Biscuit In A Packet Is 0.7 And The Respective Probabilities For Kwame And Osei Are 0.2 And 0.1. What Is The Probability That A Packet With Broken Biscuits Found By The Checker Was Broken By Kofi? - Math Discussion

Three boys Kofi, Kwame and Osei, pack biscuit in a factory. From the batch allotted to them Kofi packs 55%, Kwame 30% and Osei 15%. The probability that Kofi breaks some biscuit in a packet is 0.7 and the respective probabilities for Kwame and Osei are 0.2 and 0.1. What is the probability that a packet with broken biscuits found by the checker was broken by Kofi?

2018-05-05 15:48:01

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