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The Director Of Research And Development Is Testing A New Drug. She Wants To Know If There Is Evidence At The 0.05 Level That The Drug Stays In The System For Less Than 390 Minutes. For A Sample Of 44 Patients, The Mean Time The Drug Stayed In The System Was 383 Minutes. Assume The Population Variance Is Known To Be 324.Step 1 Of 6 : State The Null And Alternative Hypotheses. - Math Discussion

The director of research and development is testing a new drug. She wants to know if there is evidence at the 0.05 level that the drug stays in the system for less than 390 minutes. For a sample of 44 patients, the mean time the drug stayed in the system was 383 minutes. Assume the population variance is known to be 324.Step 1 of 6 : State the null and alternative hypotheses.

2019-03-18 14:58:17

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