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Six Different​ Second-year Medical Students At Bellevue Hospital Measured The Blood Pressure Of The Same Person. The Systolic Readings​ (in MmHg) Are Listed Below. Find The​ Range, Variance, And Standard Deviation For The Given Sample Data. If The​ Subject's Blood Pressure Remains Constant And The Medical Students Correctly Apply The Same Measurement​ Technique, What Should Be The Value Of The Standard​ Deviation?130 133 148 145 130 121130 133 148 145 130 121 - Math Discussion

Six different​ second-year medical students at Bellevue Hospital measured the blood pressure of the same person. The systolic readings​ (in mmHg) are listed below. Find the​ range, variance, and standard deviation for the given sample data. If the​ subject's blood pressure remains constant and the medical students correctly apply the same measurement​ technique, what should be the value of the standard​ deviation?130 133 148 145 130 121130 133 148 145 130 121

2017-12-13 15:31:30

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