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Matt Forgot To Put The Fabric Softener In The Wash. As His Socks Tumbled In The Dryer, They Became Charged. If A Small Piece Of Lint With A Charge Of +1.25 E -19 C Is Attracted To The Socks By A Force Of 3.0 E -9 N, What Is The Magnitude Of The Electric Field At This Location? - Math Discussion

Matt forgot to put the fabric softener in the wash. As his socks tumbled in the dryer, they became charged. If a small piece of lint with a charge of +1.25 E -19 C is attracted to the socks by a force of 3.0 E -9 N, what is the magnitude of the electric field at this location?

2017-02-15 15:10:01

1 Answers

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