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Mars Has A Mass Of About 7 × 1023 Kg,and Its Moon Phobos Has A Mass Of About9.6 × 1015 Kg.If The Magnitude Of The Gravitational Forcebetween The Two Bodies Is 4.93 × 1015 N,how Far Apart Are Mars And Phobos? Thevalue Of The Universal Gravitational Constantis 6.673 × 10−11 N · M2/kg2.Answer In Units Of M. - Math Discussion

Mars has a mass of about 7 × 1023 kg,and its moon Phobos has a mass of about9.6 × 1015 kg.If the magnitude of the gravitational forcebetween the two bodies is 4.93 × 1015 N,how far apart are Mars and Phobos? Thevalue of the universal gravitational constantis 6.673 × 10−11 N · m2/kg2.Answer in units of m.

2017-12-01 15:43:48

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