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In An Investment Company. A Maximum Of #10 Million Is Available To Invest In Two Places .no More Than #8milllion Can Be Invest On Stock Yielding 12% And At The Least #2 Million Can Be Invested On Long Term Bond Yielding 8%. The Stock-to-bound Investment Ratio Cannot Be More Than 1-3. How Can Advise Be Made So That The Pension Fund Will Receive Maximum Yearly Return On Investment - Math Discussion

In an investment company. A maximum of #10 million is available to invest in two places .no more than #8milllion can be invest on stock yielding 12% and at the least #2 million can be invested on long term bond yielding 8%. The stock-to-bound investment ratio cannot be more than 1-3. How can advise be made so that the pension fund will receive maximum yearly return on investment

2018-03-28 15:47:54

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