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Epidemiology Assignment For Nursing Students The Following Information Is About Kebele X Which Was Collected For The Year 2002: –Total Average Population = 40,000–Total Number Of Live Births = 4000–Total Number Of Deaths = 400–Total Number Of Deaths Before The Age Of 28 Days = 50–Total Number Of Infant Deaths = 200–Number Of Women Who Died From Pregnancy Related Causes = 160–New Cases Of Tuberculosis = 100–All Cases Of Tuberculosis = 300–Deaths From Tuberculosis = 60Based On The Above Information Calculate The Following. 1. The Incidence Rate Of Tuberculosis. 2. The Case Fatality Rate Of Tuberculosis. 3. The Neonatal Mortality Rate. 4. The Infant Mortality Rate. 5. The Maternal Mortality Ratio 6. A Cohort Study Of Smoking And Lung Cancer Was Conducted In A Small Island Population. There Were A Total Of 1,000 People In The Study, And The Study Was Conducted Over A Ten Year Period. Four Hundred Were Smokers And 600 Were Not. Of The Smokers, Fifty Developed Lung Cancer. Of The Non-smokers, 10 Developed Lung Cancer. A. In Order To Measure The Strength Of Association Between Smoking And Lung Cancer In This Population, Which Measure Of Exposure-disease Association Would You Use?B. Construct 2*2 TablesC. Calculate And Interpret The Appropriate Measure Of AssociationD. Calculate And Interpret AR And AR%?E. Calculate And Interpret PAR, PAR%?7. Drug A Prevents Heart Attacks (MIs) But Also Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer. A Placebo-controlled Trial In 200 People (100 In Each Arm) Found That There Were Three Heart Attacks In The Treated Group And Six Heart Attacks In The Placebo Group. There Were Three Cases Of Lung Cancer In The Treated Group, And One In The Placebo Group.A. Calculate And Interpret RR For MIsB. Calculate And Interpret RR For Lung CancerC. Calculate And Interpret PF Of Drug A On MIsD. Calculate And Interpret AR For MIsE. Calculate And Interpret AR For Lung Cancer8. Calculate The OR Of Lung Ca For Smoking > 10 Cigarettes Per Day By Taking Non Smoker As A Reference? Lung Cancer No Lung Cancer TotalNon Smoker 100 900 1000Ex-Smoker 150 850 1000< 5 Cigarettes Per Day 200 800 10005-10 Cigarettes Per Day 250 750 1000>10 Cigarettes Per Day 350 650 1000Identify The Type Of Study Design For Questions 9 And 10 That Would Be Best At Investigating The Following Scenarios:9. Is There An Association Between Living Near Cell Phone Towers And Rare Forms Of Cancer? 10. Are Eating Disorders More Common In Males Or Females Aged 13 To 18 Years Old? - Math Discussion

Epidemiology Assignment for Nursing students The following information is about kebele X which was collected for the year 2002: –Total average population = 40,000–Total number of live births = 4000–Total number of deaths = 400–Total number of deaths before the age of 28 days = 50–Total number of infant deaths = 200–Number of women who died from pregnancy related causes = 160–New cases of tuberculosis = 100–All cases of tuberculosis = 300–Deaths from tuberculosis = 60Based on the above information calculate the following. 1. The incidence rate of tuberculosis. 2. The case fatality rate of tuberculosis. 3. The Neonatal mortality rate. 4. The infant mortality rate. 5. The maternal mortality ratio 6. A cohort study of smoking and lung cancer was conducted in a small island population. There were a total of 1,000 people in the study, and the study was conducted over a ten year period. Four hundred were smokers and 600 were not. Of the smokers, fifty developed lung cancer. Of the non-smokers, 10 developed lung cancer. A. In order to measure the strength of association between smoking and lung cancer in this population, which measure of exposure-disease association would you use?B. Construct 2*2 tablesC. Calculate and interpret the appropriate measure of associationD. Calculate and interpret AR and AR%?E. Calculate and interpret PAR, PAR%?7. Drug A prevents heart attacks (MIs) but also increases the risk of lung cancer. A placebo-controlled trial in 200 people (100 in each arm) found that there were three heart attacks in the treated group and six heart attacks in the placebo group. There were three cases of lung cancer in the treated group, and one in the placebo group.A. Calculate and interpret RR for MIsB. Calculate and interpret RR for lung cancerC. Calculate and interpret PF of Drug A on MIsD. Calculate and interpret AR for MIsE. Calculate and interpret AR for Lung cancer8. Calculate the OR of lung ca for smoking > 10 cigarettes per day by taking non smoker as a reference? Lung Cancer No Lung Cancer TotalNon smoker 100 900 1000Ex-Smoker 150 850 1000< 5 Cigarettes per day 200 800 10005-10 Cigarettes per day 250 750 1000>10 cigarettes per day 350 650 1000Identify the type of study design for questions 9 and 10 that would be best at investigating the following scenarios:9. Is there an association between living near cell phone towers and rare forms of cancer? 10. Are eating disorders more common in males or females aged 13 to 18 years old?

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