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Comparing 2 Datas Between 2 Periods, The Data Has One Base & 2 Variables Namely Product (2 Numbers) (Product Share Which Cannot Go Beyond 100%) & Cost Of Each Product. The Base Has Increased By 20% In The 2nd Period Compared To First & The Product Share Composition Has Changed & Also The Cost Has Changed, Resulting In A Result. How To Identify The Differential Amount - Math Discussion

Comparing 2 datas between 2 periods, the data has one base & 2 variables namely product (2 numbers) (Product Share which cannot go beyond 100%) & cost of each product. the Base has increased by 20% in the 2nd period compared to first & the Product share composition has changed & also the cost has changed, resulting in a result. How to identify the differential amount

2019-03-12 14:46:27

0 Answers

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