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Assume A Town Where There Are Only Two Newspaper Z1 And Z2 60% Of The People Read Z1 80% Read Z2 10% Neither Read Z1 Nor Z2 Calculate The Probability For A Randomly Chosen Person To Read. (A)Both Newspaper. (B)Z1 But Not Z2. (C)Z1 Under The Assumption Of Not Reading. (D) One Newspaper At The Most. (E) Not Z1. - Math Discussion

Assume a town where there are only two newspaper Z1 and Z2 60% of the people read Z1 80% read Z2 10% neither read Z1 nor Z2 calculate the probability for a randomly chosen person to read. (A)Both newspaper. (B)Z1 but not Z2. (C)Z1 under the assumption of not reading. (D) one newspaper at the most. (E) not Z1.

2017-05-19 15:29:51

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