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Among Adults In The US, The Distribution Of Albumin Levels (a Type Of Protein) In Cerebrospinal Fluid Is Roughly Symmetric With Mean U= 29.5mg/100ml And Standard Deviation Sigma = 9.25. Suppose That You Select Many Repeated Samples Of Size 20 From This Population And Calculate The Mean For Each Sample.What Would You Expect The Mean Of The Sample Means To Be? - Math Discussion

Among adults in the US, the distribution of albumin levels (a type of protein) in cerebrospinal fluid is roughly symmetric with mean u= 29.5mg/100ml and standard deviation sigma = 9.25. Suppose that you select many repeated samples of size 20 from this population and calculate the mean for each sample.What would you expect the mean of the sample means to be?

2017-10-27 15:38:37

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