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A Stratified Sample Of N = 500 Is To Be Taken From A Population Of Size N = 10,000 Which Consists Of Four Strata Of Size N1 = 1,700 N2 = 3,800 N3 = 2,300, N4 = 2,200. If The Allocation Must Be Equal And Proportional, How Large A Sample Must Be Taken From Each Stratum? - Math Discussion

A stratified sample of n = 500 is to be taken from a population of size N = 10,000 which consists of four strata of size N1 = 1,700 N2 = 3,800 N3 = 2,300, N4 = 2,200. If the allocation must be equal and proportional, how large a sample must be taken from each stratum?

2018-09-24 14:51:24

0 Answers

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