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A Sample Of Blood Is Placed In A Centrifugeof Radius 19.3 Cm. The Mass Of A Red Bloodcell Is 4.3 × 10?16 Kg, And The Magnitude Ofthe Force Acting On It As It Settles Out Of Theplasma Is 5.8 × 10?11 N.At How Many Revolutions Per Second Shouldthe Centrifuge Be Operated? - Math Discussion

A sample of blood is placed in a centrifugeof radius 19.3 cm. The mass of a red bloodcell is 4.3 × 10?16 kg, and the magnitude ofthe force acting on it as it settles out of theplasma is 5.8 × 10?11 N.At how many revolutions per second shouldthe centrifuge be operated?

2017-04-04 15:48:28

1 Answers

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