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A Person At The Top Of A Building Drops A Heavy Ball Straight Down And Watches As It Falls. This Person Had A Stopwatch And Timed The Fall. It Took 4.00 Sec For The Ball To Hit The Ground. The Acceleration Of Gravity Is G=10 M/s ^2. When The Person Drops The Ball, Its Downward Velocity Was 0 M/sec. What Was The Ball's Downward Velocity? - Math Discussion

A person at the top of a building drops a heavy ball straight down and watches as it falls. This person had a stopwatch and timed the fall. It took 4.00 sec for the ball to hit the ground. The acceleration of gravity is g=10 m/s ^2. When the person drops the ball, its downward velocity was 0 m/sec. What was the ball's downward velocity?

2018-09-14 14:37:01

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