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A Lot Of Medical Data Is Collected From Women During Pregnancy. One Measurement Recorded Is The Weight Gained During Pregnancy. This Is Approximately Normal With A Mean Of 13.71 Kg And A Standard Deviation Of 6.27 Kg. Guidelines Are That For People With Healthy Weight To Begin With, A Weight Gain Of 11.5 – 16kg Is Ideal.(a) Calculate The Probability That A Randomly Selected Person Loses Weight During Pregnancy. That Is, Determine The Probability The Weight Gain Of A Randomly Selected Person Is Less Than 0. [2 Marks](b) Calculate The Probability That The Weight Gain For A Randomly Selected Person Is In The Ideal Range Of 11.5 – 16kg. [3 Marks](c) Above What Level Would Be Find The Highest 15% Of Weight Gains? That Is, Find The Number W So That The Probability The Weight Gain Is Above W Equals To 15%. - Math Discussion

A lot of medical data is collected from women during pregnancy. One measurement recorded is the weight gained during pregnancy. This is approximately normal with a mean of 13.71 kg and a standard deviation of 6.27 kg. Guidelines are that for people with healthy weight to begin with, a weight gain of 11.5 – 16kg is ideal.(a) Calculate the probability that a randomly selected person loses weight during pregnancy. That is, determine the probability the weight gain of a randomly selected person is less than 0. [2 marks](b) Calculate the probability that the weight gain for a randomly selected person is in the ideal range of 11.5 – 16kg. [3 marks](c) Above what level would be find the highest 15% of weight gains? That is, find the number w so that the probability the weight gain is above w equals to 15%.

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