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A Driver Is Traveling 18.0 M/s When She Sees A Red Light Ahead. Her Car Is Capable Of Decelerating At A Rate Of 3.65 M/s2. If It Takes Her 0.350s To Get The Brakes On And She Is 20.0 M From The Intersection When She Sees The Light, Will She Be Able To Stop In Time? How Far From The Beginning Of The Intersection Will She Be, And In What Direction? - Math Discussion

A driver is traveling 18.0 m/s when she sees a red light ahead. Her car is capable of decelerating at a rate of 3.65 m/s2. If it takes her 0.350s to get the brakes on and she is 20.0 m from the intersection when she sees the light, will she be able to stop in time? How far from the beginning of the intersection will she be, and in what direction?

2017-09-08 14:41:01

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