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A Balloon That Is Filled With Gas Was Released At Ground Level. At Ground Level Where The Pressure Was 787mmHg And The Temperature Was 28.9C. The Balloon Had A Volume Of 621L. As The Balloon Floated Higher In The Atmosphere It Reached An Altitude Where The Pressure And Temperaturew Were 96mmHg And 1.91C Respectively. Determine The New Volume Of The Balloon - Math Discussion

A balloon that is filled with gas was released at ground level. At ground level where the pressure was 787mmHg and the temperature was 28.9C. The balloon had a volume of 621L. As the balloon floated higher in the atmosphere it reached an altitude where the pressure and temperaturew were 96mmHg and 1.91C respectively. Determine the new Volume of the balloon

2018-12-07 14:32:31

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