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A 4.2-m-diameter Merry-go-round Is Rotating Freely With An Angular Velocity Of 0.80 Rad/s. Its Total Moment Of Inertia Is 1760 Kg •m2. Four People Standing On The Ground, Each Of Mass 65kg, Suddenly Step Onto The Edge Of The Merry-go-round. What Is The Angular Velocity Of The Merry-go-round Now? What If The People Were On It Initially And Then Jumped Off In A Radial Direction (relative To The Merry-go-round)? - Math Discussion

A 4.2-m-diameter merry-go-round is rotating freely with an angular velocity of 0.80 rad/s. Its total moment of inertia is 1760 kg •m2. Four people standing on the ground, each of mass 65kg, suddenly step onto the edge of the merry-go-round. What is the angular velocity of the merry-go-round now? What if the people were on it initially and then jumped off in a radial direction (relative to the merry-go-round)?

2016-10-27 20:42:07

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