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A Farmer Goes To Market And Where He Bought A Goat, A Greens And A Wolf .On The Way Home He Must Cross A River. His Boat Is Small And Won't Fit More Than One Of His Purchases. He Cannot Leave The Goat Alone With The Greens (because The Goat Would Eat It), Nor He Can Leave The Goat Alone With The Wolf (because The She-goat Would Be Eaten). How Can The Farmer Get Everything On The Other Side In This River Crossing Puzzle? - Math Discussion

A farmer goes to market and where he bought a goat, a greens and a wolf .On the way home he must cross a river. His boat is small and won't fit more than one of his purchases. He cannot leave the goat alone with the Greens (because the goat would eat it), nor he can leave the goat alone with the wolf (because the she-goat would be eaten). How can the farmer get everything on the other side in this river crossing puzzle?

Solve this puzzle and give the steps.
prakash 2015-05-29 10:07:45

1 Answers

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