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Rahul,rita,anjana And Raj Are Friends. All Four Of Them Are Invited To A Birthday Party. They Decided To Go By Car. They Are Forced To Park A Few Blocks Away Frpm The Venue Since There Is No Parking Space Close By. It Is Also Raining Heavily And They Have Only One Umbrella! Anjana Has An Idea. Since Rahul Is The Fastest One He Can Walk Each Person With The Umbrella Till The Venue And Then Return To Fetch The Next Person. Rahul Will Take One Minute To Walk One Way. It Will Take Rita 2 Minutes, Anjana 10 Minutes And Raj 5 Minutes To Cover The Distance. In This Manner, It Will Take A Total Of 19 Minutes For The Four Of Them To Enter The Venue. However, Rita Says That All Of Them Can Reach The Venue In 17 Minutes! Can You Explain How? Notes: Nothing Funny Likes Riding On One's Back, Or Throwing Away The Umbrella And Only Two Of Them Can Walk In The Umbrella At A Time - Math Discussion

Rahul,rita,anjana and raj are friends. all four of them are invited to a birthday party. they decided to go by car. they are forced to park a few blocks away frpm the venue since there is no parking space close by. it is also raining heavily and they have only one umbrella! anjana has an idea. since rahul is the fastest one he can walk each person with the umbrella till the venue and then return to fetch the next person. rahul will take one minute to walk one way. it will take rita 2 minutes, anjana 10 minutes and raj 5 minutes to cover the distance. in this manner, it will take a total of 19 minutes for the four of them to enter the venue. however, rita says that all of them can reach the venue in 17 minutes! can you explain how? notes: nothing funny likes riding on one's back, or throwing away the umbrella and only two of them can walk in the umbrella at a time

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