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While Running The Foot Of A 666N Man Is Subjected To A Force Which Is 5 Times His Weight. Determine The Average Normal Stress Developed In The Tibia T Of His Leg At The Mid Section A-a The Cross Section Can Be Assumed Circular, Having An Outer Diameter Of 4.445 Cm And Inner Diameter Of 2.54 Cm. Assume The Fibula F Does Not Support A Load - Math Discussion

While running the foot of a 666N man is subjected to a force which is 5 times his weight. Determine the average normal stress developed in the Tibia T of his leg at the mid section a-a The cross section can be assumed circular, having an outer diameter of 4.445 cm and inner diameter of 2.54 cm. Assume the fibula F does not support a load

GUEST 2016-01-23 11:35:11

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