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In A Certain Semester Exam Involving 120 Student 80 Passed Maths,65 Passed Chemistry,75passed Physics,35 Passed Maths And Chemistry,28 Passed Maths And Physics, If 12 Passed All The Three Courses And 90 Passed At Least 2 Courses,how Many Passed Chemistry And Physics,how Many Passed Only One Courses,how Many Failed All The Three Courses - Math Discussion

In a certain semester exam involving 120 student 80 passed maths,65 passed chemistry,75passed physics,35 passed maths and chemistry,28 passed maths and physics, if 12 passed all the three courses and 90 passed at least 2 courses,how many passed chemistry and physics,how many passed only one courses,how many failed all the three courses

Nandha Nandy 2016-01-10 21:21:54

1 Answers

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