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A Closed Cubical Box Made Of An Insulating Material Has A 250 Watt Lamp In It. The Edge Of D Cube Is 0.3 M And The Thickness Of The Walls Is 0.024 M After Several Hours D Inner Temp Is 65° While The Outer Surface Is At 29° Calculate D Amount Of Heat Lost Through D Walls In One Hour D Thermal Conductivity Of D Insulating Material - Math Discussion

A closed cubical box made of an insulating material has a 250 watt lamp in it. The edge of d cube is 0.3 m and the thickness of the walls is 0.024 m after several hours d inner temp is 65° while the outer surface is at 29° calculate d amount of heat lost through d walls in one hour d thermal Conductivity of d insulating material

GUEST 2016-01-08 03:41:49

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