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My Daughter Has A Math Problem That Says, Ryan Cut A Rectangle Picture From A Newspaper. The Picture Is 4 Inches Long. The Area Of The Picture Is 12 Square Inches. What Is The Perimeter Of The Picture? We Are Both Stuck On This Problem Because The Answers Are A) 7 In , B) 10 In, C) 12 In, D) 14 In . Please Someone Help Because I Feel Dumb Right Now That I Do Remember This Stuff - Math Discussion

My daughter has a math problem that says, Ryan cut a rectangle picture from a newspaper. The picture is 4 inches long. The area of the picture is 12 square inches. What is the perimeter of the picture? We are both stuck on this problem because the answers are A) 7 in , B) 10 in, C) 12 in, D) 14 in . Please someone help because I feel dumb right now that I do remember this stuff

GUEST 2015-12-10 09:42:22

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