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Two Balls Have Masses Of 45kg And 79kg. The 45kg Ball Has An Initial Velocity Of 84m/s (to The Right) Along A Line Joining The Two Balls And The 79kg Ball Is At Rest. The 79kg Ball Has An Initial Velocity Of-29m/s. The Two Balls Make A Head On Elastic Collision With Each Other. What Is The Final Velocity Of The 45kg Ball? - Math Discussion

Two balls have masses of 45kg and 79kg. The 45kg ball has an initial velocity of 84m/s (to the right) along a line joining the two balls and the 79kg ball is at rest. The 79kg ball has an initial velocity of-29m/s. The two balls make a head on elastic collision with each other. What is the final velocity of the 45kg ball?

GUEST 2015-11-07 07:28:09

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